Master Of Puppets, I’m Pulling Your Strings

Well, just as I predicted when I signed up for this new competition-focused training, we’re basically restarting things from the beginning. That’s what I was told when I met up with Sparkledancer on Saturday morning to have our first coaching session with Lord Dormamu. We started our coaching session late because he was finishing upContinue reading “Master Of Puppets, I’m Pulling Your Strings”

Turn And Face The Strange Changes

I don’t know about you, but so far 2017 appears to be shaping up to be an interesting year… Early Saturday morning I got a text from Sparkledancer about meeting her a half-hour early at the Fancy Dance Hall so that we could run through some things she wanted to work on. When I gotContinue reading “Turn And Face The Strange Changes”

Can I Choose My Way In Life?

This has been a rather interesting week that may or may not change things for me considerably. I was asked to do something, and I agreed to give things a try for a while. It all started this past weekend… So it happened, just like I mentioned the last week. There were white and fluffyContinue reading “Can I Choose My Way In Life?”

When There Is Reason, Tonight I’m Awake

To close out 2016 on a high note, this New Year’s Eve I went out to the dance party being held at the Electric Dance Hall, much like I did last year. There were a couple of tempting options to choose from that night, but since the Electric Dance Hall was the closest to myContinue reading “When There Is Reason, Tonight I’m Awake”