And I Knew The Secrets In Your Spires

This past weekend was my annual excursion to the Grand Dance Hall for two nights of formal dance parties, some crazy food, and a bunch of workshops where I was able to pick up some new amalgamations of figures. I love going to this event every year, and this was my fourth time being anContinue reading “And I Knew The Secrets In Your Spires”

I Know A Dark Secluded Place

For the first time in a long time, I ventured farther away from my home to go out dancing on a Friday night. I got a call as I was on my way home from work that night from Sparkledancer, telling me that the Prime Dance Hall was going to have a Hustle lesson, andContinue reading “I Know A Dark Secluded Place”

Hands Up If You’re Down To Get Down Tonight

Inspired by my previous weekend’s trip out to a non-ballroom dance club to get my groove on, another opportunity presented itself this past weekend that I thought I would give a try. This one… did not work out so well, as far as dancing was concerned, which made me sad. I had built the eveningContinue reading “Hands Up If You’re Down To Get Down Tonight”

We Back In The Club, With Our Bodies Rocking From Side To Side

When I met up with Sir Steven and Sparkledancer this past Saturday afternoon at the Fancy Dance Hall, other people were practicing some things on the dance floor, so we were told that we were going to keep things contained to the back half of the room to avoid running into anyone. I have toContinue reading “We Back In The Club, With Our Bodies Rocking From Side To Side”