Feel The Fire Burning Bright In The Night

For a change of pace this past week, I spent my time at a completely different location for dancing than where I am usually found. This is not the first time I’ve gone out to this particular studio, but it’s been two years since the last time I was there based on my recollection, soContinue reading “Feel The Fire Burning Bright In The Night”

With The Power Of The Universe We Stand Strong Together

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a Power Metal kind of week for me… \m/ As I mentioned last week, due to Sparkledancer going on vacation I moved my normal coaching session with her and Sir Steven up from Saturday to last Thursday night. This was actually my first time having a lessonContinue reading “With The Power Of The Universe We Stand Strong Together”

It’s In The Air, It’s In My Blood, It’s Rushing On

This past Friday night I went out to the bi-weekly social at the Electric Dance Hall for fun. The dance party that night was full of excitement because Jem was back on the scene. I haven’t seen her for a long time… maybe New Year’s Eve is the last time I remember seeing her? IContinue reading “It’s In The Air, It’s In My Blood, It’s Rushing On”

Lift Me Up, Don’t Hold Me Down

Well, I did it. I successfully took a weekend off and avoided most of the physical activity that I would otherwise have done. Sure, I still worked out a bit (because I can’t go entirely cold turkey), but I didn’t do any other dancing this weekend after my regular coaching session was over on SaturdayContinue reading “Lift Me Up, Don’t Hold Me Down”