There’s Nothing Wrong With Just A Taste Of What You’ve Paid For

I was pleasantly surprised last Friday night at the dance party I went to at the Electric Dance Hall. There had been so much rain in the area all week, and it had been raining all day long on Friday. I was sure that all the rain was going to keep everyone home, which tendsContinue reading “There’s Nothing Wrong With Just A Taste Of What You’ve Paid For”

I Said My Shoes Ain’t Got No Soul

This week has been a fairly normal one for me, without a lot of crazy out-of-the-ordinary things going on. It was admittedly very nice; relaxing, even. Last Saturday I got to get together with Sir Steven and Sparkledancer for our normal coaching session. We started out this time with our American Waltz routine to goContinue reading “I Said My Shoes Ain’t Got No Soul”

Open Mind For A Different View

Lately I’ve taken to standing on one foot a lot more frequently when waiting for things. In lines, or while standing in meetings at work (if I don’t need to take notes, I will generally stand rather than sit), or while in dance classes when the instructor is going over the Follower’s footwork. I don’tContinue reading “Open Mind For A Different View”

How You Gonna Lift It With Your Arms Folded Tight?

Is anyone else slightly relieved that April is finally over? It feels like there was so much going on that I didn’t really get much in the way of breathing room during the whole crazy month! There were a lot of fun things going on, as I’m sure I mentioned, so it’s not like IContinue reading “How You Gonna Lift It With Your Arms Folded Tight?”