Triumphant Champion Of Ithaca

So we all finally heard the news that we had been on the edge of our seats waiting for, and it was great! Let me tell you all about it…

A while back (actually, it was quite a while back, now that I think about it), I had mentioned that the Prez had stopped Sparkledancer on her way out the door at the end of a dance party to ask her about joining the Royal Dance Court. The Court is essentially a council of sage dance people who work to make the world of dance a fun place for others. I mean, they get to have the important jobs that most people don’t think too much about, like picking out the snacks that everyone eats at the dance parties they host. Let me tell you, dance snacks are super important… Well, at some point during the discussions between the Prez and Sparkledancer over the last few months, it came out that there would be a few openings on the Court coming up, so they were planning on holding elections to determine who would fill all the seats. The Court needs to remain at full strength after all, otherwise important dance decisions don’t get made in a timely fashion. Sparkledancer had already added her name to the list for consideration based on the Prez’s request, and I heard that our young instructor friend Indiana had also thrown her hat into the ring. Sparkledancer talked with me about it, and said that I should talk to the Prez and see if I could be in the running as well. The Royal Dance Court, like many things in the world of ballroom dancing, had far more women as members than men, so if I were to get elected it would help balance things out a bit better. On top of that, if Sparkledancer, Indiana and I all managed to become members of the Court, then we would cut the average age drastically, and we would hold a significant power block if we were to band together. Since I am not the type of person to walk away from an opportunity, so I did just that. And you know what?

…I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this, since I’m telling you all about this…

Now the election results have been declared, and all three of us are officially members of the Royal Dance Court! The Court has a total of nine members, so TheOdyssey1you can see how much influence our youth could have on things. How cool is that? The first meeting is sometime in December, and the nine of us will get together to go through the ritualistic transfer of power from the old members to the new ones and also decide which of the nine of us we want to lead the Royal Dance Court for this term. From there, I will be given access to knowledge about the decision making process for how ballroom dancing events are run from behind the scenes. I hope that all future events that I have some say over will be super fun, and people will look back on my tenure as a council member fondly.

This is a side of dancing that I haven’t seen anyone talking about online before. I think I might be the first. I’ll be sure to tell you all about how things go from behind the scenes. Who knows? Maybe I can inspire others to also join in and help me to shape events in the dance world from behind the scenes. Together we could all ensure a bright future for the world of ballroom dancing for all of those young dancers who will come after us. It is an exciting odyssey to be on, so I hope you join me along the journey. I promise that I will try to keep it as amusing and insightful as I keep everything else.

In other news…

Not a lot of dancing this week, unfortunately. More than my weekend was spent mostly in the office finishing up a super important project, so I didn’t get to do any dancing from Friday through Monday sadly. I did get to go to Standard Technique class this week though, so that saved me from not seeing a dance floor for a whole week. This weekend I will do my best to make up for not getting to dance last weekend, and I’ve already mapped out which dances that are happening are the best for me to go to after the holiday wraps up. Hooray!

This week’s Standard Technique class we worked on Foxtrot. Right before class started, Lord Junior asked those of us who were going to be in class to come up with a consensus about what we wanted to work on that night. We had all heard a rumor that Bony was starting to work on a Foxtrot routine for an upcoming showcase in a couple of months, so we decided that it would be good to work on that to aid her along in her excursion. Lord Junior thought about it for a minute once we told him what we had decided to work on, then decided that he was going to give the ladies a lot of work to do by putting together a pattern where they spent a lot of time moving forward (which is not something ladies do all that often). To start things off and turn so that the ladies were moving forward, we did a Curved Feather to Back Feather (that is in fact the real name of the step). To continue down the path with the women TheOdyssey2driving forward, we added on the second part of the Reverse Wave, which is essentially where the ladies are doing a Three-Step going forward. Normally you would start a Reverse Wave with a Reverse Heel Turn, but since we were already turned so that I was heading Backing Line-Of-Dance we didn’t need the Heel Turn at the beginning. To exit and get back to where the Lead was the one moving forward, we did a basic Closed Impetus with Feather Finish. After running through that amalgamation of figures a number of times both with and without music, we still had a lot of time left in class, so Lord Junior decided to add one more piece on at the end. He chose to do something called a Top Spin, which he said was something you would normally see someone doing to turn a corner. We started it by using the last step of the Closed Impetus with Feather Finish as more of a check forward toward the corner, allowing us to change directions and take two quick steps curving backward and then go into a Feather Finish going down the Line Of Dance for the new wall. The trick with adding in the Top Spin we were told was that you had to slow down the prior Feather Finish going into the check beforehand. If you drive through the Feather Finish and suddenly change direction, you would be jerking yourself (and your partner) backward very suddenly, which is really not a pleasant experience.

I hope all of you had a wonderfully relaxing holiday. My cat was quite happy to sleep in with me this morning since I didn’t have to go to work, and I think we’ll do that again tomorrow morning as well. I didn’t have a huge meal for dinner, but I still plan on being out dancing this weekend to work off the calories I did have. Are you going to be there with me? If so, I’ll see you out on the floor!

It's not that I wasn't hungry - the others didn't leave much for me to eat...
It’s not that I wasn’t hungry – the others didn’t leave much for me to eat…

5 thoughts on “Triumphant Champion Of Ithaca

  1. So did you run on a particular dance snack platform? I am interested in hearing the inner workings of the Royal Dance Court. It should be fun. Especially curious to know what snacks you end up selecting 🙂

    1. I’m a big believer in using finger foods as snacks for dance parties. That way you can spin past the snack table and snag something without even stopping your movement (if you’re coordinated enough). I’ve been to dance parties where people have tried bringing pasta salads or meatballs, and it’s really hard to eat something like that when you have so much dancing to do.

      Also, as I found out recently, deviled eggs make really delicious dance snacks, but you have to keep a bowl of mints next to them. 🙂

      I’ve never held an elected position before, so I’m excited to see what kinds of things I’ll get to do. It should be a lot of fun!

      1. I am also a member of my local ‘royal dance court’. It will be interesting to see the types of issues your court faces verses those of mine.

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