When The Sardine Begin The Beguine It’s Music To Me

This past Friday I went to what should be the last Waltz class of the month, since it’s already almost May, if you can believe that. I mean, I know you can believe that – you probably have a calendar nearby telling you the same thing, so this is not news. But with April passingContinue reading “When The Sardine Begin The Beguine It’s Music To Me”

Racing, And Pacing, And Plotting The Course

My last Sunday was a lot of fun, so I think I’m just going to skip everything else and go straight there… I mentioned a workshop being held this past weekend at the Endless Dance Hall when I wrote a couple of weeks ago, and it was a fascinating experience to go to. Not necessarilyContinue reading “Racing, And Pacing, And Plotting The Course”

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes A Fighter

Friday nights this month are American Waltz. Apparently lots of people really like Waltz, because more people than I am used to seeing have been attending these classes with us. This past Friday we went over some things I consider to be pretty basic: the Natural and Reverse rotations with an under-arm turn, and thenContinue reading “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes A Fighter”

And How You Suffered For Your Sanity…

It seems like all of the things I have done this week for dance started out to be serious, but ended up devolving into laughter somehow… Saturday afternoon was a good example. Sir Steven, Sparkledancer and I started out looking at our Pasodoble showcase routine that day. We started out looking at a section thatContinue reading “And How You Suffered For Your Sanity…”