Shine Bright Like A Diamond

 So, I must admit that I came down with some version of the Death Plague that’s been going around, and I haven’t done much but sleep the last week or so to try and get over it. Since I haven’t had much in the way of dancing happen, but I still wanted to have somethingContinue reading “Shine Bright Like A Diamond”

Time, But A Curve In Space

So, I’m going to start off this week reporting that I did end up going to the Waltz workshop last weekend at the Endless Dance Hall. I couldn’t find any of my normal dance friends who were free, so this was a solo dance field trip for me, and without any of them coming withContinue reading “Time, But A Curve In Space”

Yeah, I’m Gonna Let It Slide

So, as I mentioned a couple of days ago, it has been two years since I started writing this. The natural question that comes up is ‘how far have you come in that time?’ I’ve been thinking about that for the last couple of days, and I finally decided to go before the Council ofContinue reading “Yeah, I’m Gonna Let It Slide”

Two Years Gone By

So my calendar alarm beeped at me and told me that today marked two years of me putting dance stories online! Hard to believe that so much time has actually passed, but there is an archive of everything I’ve written available, so I can actually go back and prove to myself that it happened. FunnyContinue reading “Two Years Gone By”