Don’t Believe Me, Just Watch

Since I missed the previous Friday’s International Rumba class at the Electric Dance Hall because of my excursion to the Prime Dance Hall, I thought I would be a bit behind when I showed up this past Friday. Turns out that they hadn’t gotten very far while I was gone past what we had beenContinue reading “Don’t Believe Me, Just Watch”

Stay Little Valentine, Stay

As you may have heard, this past Friday I had the privilege to finally go to the Prime Dance Hall to see what it is like there. It was… an adventure. So many things to see, and lots of them stranger than I had expected. And then there were the explanatory stories I got fromContinue reading “Stay Little Valentine, Stay”

The Technicolor Dreams Of Black And White People

Being a new month, Friday night class has been switched out, and now we are working on International Rumba. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on Rumba, or any International Latin or American Rhythm dances that are not Pasodoble for that matter. Being the first class of the month, with a bunch of newcomersContinue reading “The Technicolor Dreams Of Black And White People”

You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here…

Lately, I’ve been getting the feeling that Sir Steven likes to make me work on Tango because he likes to see me squirm. Leading up to my last coaching session, I was feeling pretty good about things. The last Hustle group class of January allowed me to pick up one more new Hustle move, oneContinue reading “You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here…”