So Be Good For Goodness Sake

Who loves you? It must be me, because I won’t let this holiday stop me from putting this online… This past weekend I went to a Christmas-themed dance party at the Endless Dance Hall. Well, that’s not exactly the case – it was a dance party hosted by the people of the Cherished Dance Hall,Continue reading “So Be Good For Goodness Sake”

Sometimes, I Think I Glimpse Eternity

Last week Sir Steven wasn’t feeling well, so we had all agreed to move our coaching lesson to Friday at the Electric Dance Hall instead of our usual Tuesday appointment. About an hour before I was supposed to be at the dance hall that night, Sparkledancer called me to let me know that she wasn’tContinue reading “Sometimes, I Think I Glimpse Eternity”

Frantic Actions Of Insanity

Let’s have a conversation about technique today. Don’t worry, I promise not to make it totally boring… We’ll start with something I do that people seem to find funny: lately, there have been a lot of technical things that I have been told that I really need to be working on. One in particular isContinue reading “Frantic Actions Of Insanity”

It’s A Repeat Of A Story Told

So… there was this show on that someone told me I really needed to watch. I don’t watch much TV in general, but I relented and have seen a couple of the episodes of it. As you can imagine, since I’m mentioning here, the show was related to ballroom dancing. You may have also seenContinue reading “It’s A Repeat Of A Story Told”