This Moonlit Night, Late October’s Swirling Fog Gloom…

Ah, Halloween. One of my favorite times of year. A time to walk around and see what amazing things people come up with to dress up as, and hear the stories of how they go out of their way to try to scare others for fun. How can you really learn to appreciate walking aroundContinue reading “This Moonlit Night, Late October’s Swirling Fog Gloom…”

And I’ve Been Working Like A Dog

When I look over the things I posted last week, I realize that, while it’s funny to think about, the context behind my weird floorcraft path picture is missing. It is actually a funny story (at least, to me it’s funny). The idea for it came up during the last competition I was in. ThereContinue reading “And I’ve Been Working Like A Dog”

Now I’m Stronger Than Yesterday

Despite the misgivings I had last week about competing and not being able to use the experience as a way to measure my progress, this past weekend proved to me that it is possible to see how far along I’ve come without having to be told by a judge. As I previously hinted, over theContinue reading “Now I’m Stronger Than Yesterday”

Kill The Headlights And Put It In Neutral

The competition this past weekend both went exactly as I expected, and also went nothing like I expected. As you can imagine, that has left me feeling rather unsettled about whether I feel good or bad about things. It was fun, to an extent, but not quite as much fun as I was hoping itContinue reading “Kill The Headlights And Put It In Neutral”