If I Claim To Be A Wise Man, It Surely Means That I Don’t Know

There is this thought that’s been eating at the back of my brain for a while… If you hadn’t noticed, I go out social dancing a lot. I find it to be a good way to practice things while also getting to have fun and meet new people at the same time. Even though IContinue reading “If I Claim To Be A Wise Man, It Surely Means That I Don’t Know”

Everyone’s Watching To See What You Will Do

Friday night I went and hung out at the Electric Dance Hall, as I am wont to do of late. They were having their biweekly dance party that I was interested in attending, but I got there earlier to sit in on the International Cha-Cha class that they were holding right before the dance. ItContinue reading “Everyone’s Watching To See What You Will Do”

Oh, But Don’t Bowl Me Over

The Waltz workshop I went to was less about technique than I had expected. We had a definite pattern to work through that was challenging, and everything we did definitely cemented for me the fact that International Waltz never breaks frame. Looking back at my last competition routine in International Waltz, this fact means thatContinue reading “Oh, But Don’t Bowl Me Over”

All Pressed Up In Black And White

Call me weird, but I do kind of like going to formal parties. In recent years, so many things in life have leaned toward casual (or business-casual, as many offices are going now) that there are not many places to go where you might feel the need to get dressed up. What’s the point ofContinue reading “All Pressed Up In Black And White”