Time Sure Flies When You’re Having Fun

Well, would you look at that? According to my calendar, it’s officially been one year since I started writing here. One year of posting all the ballroom dance-related things that I do for the whole world to read about and judge. To celebrate, I decided to have a get together over at my house. I invited all my friends who had helped to make this crazy project possible.
The party didn’t really feel complete, so I also invited over all of the wonderful Lords and Ladies of the Dance Kingdom who helped teach us how to fit in to this crazy dance world.
We did so much in just a year that it’s hard to believe it all! Sometimes I pick through the archive on here just to make myself laugh. It’s fun to look back and have a record of where you were in the past in order to truly see how much you’ve learned. It makes me wonder what kind of crazy places we’ll visit, what kind of colorful characters we’ll meet, and what kind of fond memories we’ll make over the course of the next year.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by to peer into my zany little world. Let’s see where my friend and I go from here…

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