Gliding Along With The Song Of A Wintry Fairy Land

In our coaching session this past weekend, Sparkledancer, Lord Fabulous and I worked on putting together routines for some of the International Latin dance styles. Originally when we had discussed what we had wanted to do when signing up for the upcoming Spring Fling competition, Sparkledancer and I had agreed that we wanted to at least do the ten styles of dance that we had done for the last competition, and possibly add in a few more if we thought we could handle keeping all the routines straight. So far, it seems like Lord Fabulous has us putting together routines for the International Rumba and International Cha-Cha and adding in a new routine for Hustle. The Hustle routine would complete the set of all the American Rhythm styles, and seemed like the most logical addition to what we had done at the last competition, so this one doesn’t surprise me. The two International ones seem kind of out of place right now though. We only signed up to do 50 heats together, so splitting it amongst (right now) 13 different dance styles means that I would only be doing less than four heats of each dance – assuming that no more styles are added between now and then. I don’t quite know what Lord Fabulous’ vision for this competition looks like. He might be thinking that we will just set up routines for all 21 different dance styles in both the American and International camps. If that’s the case, I should tell him to revise the number of heats we are doing up to sixty so I can do each routine about three times.

What's with all the fans in International Latin styles?
What’s with all the fans in International Latin styles?

Just the thought of trying to keep that many routines straight is starting to make my head swim…

I was excited this weekend to get to go to the Dance Kingdom holiday party. Originally, I had other commitments that I had thought would take up most of the evening, and by the time I would have driven out to the Great Dance Hall the party would have been just about over. As it turned out, things beforehand wrapped up much more quickly than anticipated, and I was able to make it out there with about 45 minutes left of the party and surprise everyone. When I got there, I found most of my people (meaning the people from the Land of the Loft) clumped around a table in the back, so I was easily able to join up with them and dance the night away. Sparkledancer was still being careful about her knee, so she was in flats for the night and wasn’t going to do any ballroom dances with me, but I got to do a couple of East Coast Swing numbers with her and a Cha-Cha. Come to think of it… almost all the numbers that were played that night were Foxtrot or East Coast Swing. This was a Christmas party, so they were playing Christmas-themed songs, and it seemed like almost all of them fit with Foxtrot or East Coast Swing and not much else.

Surprisingly, I did manage to get to the party in time to see the performances that some of the Lords and Ladies from the Great Dance Hall had put together. In the past few weeks leading up to the holiday party, they had mentioned that during the hour before the party began they were going to hold an event expo to discuss the upcoming 2014 competitions before the party and that there would be professional performances and a chance for people to sign up to compete. For some reason I had assumed that those professional performances they had mentioned would have gone on during the event expo, so that they could inspire the people there to sign up. Being so late to the party, I had naturally assumed that since I missed the expo, I would have also missed the performances. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

Up first were Tall Steven and Arcee. They performed a Jive routine that started off with them exchanging scarves as gifts before bouncing around the floor in SleighRide2mirthful delight. Arcee was wearing this sparkly green number that looked like it was cut from the same shimmering material that the ribbon that wrapped the fake gifts they had given each other was made from, and she was as captivating to watch perform as ever. But it was Tall Steven that took the prize for best costume by wearing a shirt that seemed to be covered in rhinestones, and reflected the light much more than the green dress his dance partner was wearing did. Even the Princess made a comment about his choice of costume, saying that he was probably the only man she knew that could get away with wearing more rhinestones than his dance partner, much to everyone’s amusement. Next up, Lord Bradley performed with a new partner, a new addition to the staff at the Great Dance Hall that I had never seen before. They did a Viennese Waltz to a version of O Holy Night, one that showcased the new Lady’s ballet training as he spun her and bent her in crazy ways that I’ve never seen anyone do in a Viennese Waltz before.

If seeing all that wasn’t enough to get all of us into the Christmas spirit, Lord Fabulous announced earlier tonight that the Land of the Loft would be having our own little holiday dance party the Friday before Christmas during our normal social dance event. Lady Q even mentioned that she and Lord Fabulous might be putting together a number to show all of us during that evening. So far, the closer we get to the holidays, the more it seems like the usual people that always hang out at the Land of the Loft are taking vacations to go home and see family, so it’s possible that there will be a really small group at this party. Personally, I think the smaller Friday night socials we have can be more fun. We are able to do some slightly more obscure things when there aren’t so many people around. Someone mentioned something about having to wear a Christmas sweater to the party though, and I don’t know what to do about that. I don’t own an ugly Christmas sweater, and with less than two weeks until Christmas I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for one.

Bolero class didn’t get much farther this Wednesday. This week we finally finished up the first step that we had started working on last week, and then SleighRide3added a second step. I had thought we would be able to cover more than that, since this week we had only about half the number of people than we had had the week before, but that’s as far as we got. Knowing that the syllabus had changed since the last time I had taken this particular level of Bolero, I actually scheduled a separate lesson with Lady Q and Sparkledancer so that we could go over all the figures that were in the syllabus for this level outside of the class, just to be sure to get through all of them in this short month rather than wait until the next time the class came around again. I’m sure that Sparkledancer and I can get everything worked out in one coaching session pretty easily, and probably have enough time left over for other things. Lady Q had mentioned something about driving around and hearing some song on the radio that made her think of a Cha-Cha routine that was perfect for me, which kind of frightens me, so we might end up doing that if there is time left over.

The holidays are almost upon us! Do you have all your plans worked out? I have officially paid for my spot at a big dance field trip full of ballroom dancing for New Year’s Eve, so I’ve got my plans taken care of. Hooray!

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