Morning Comes And Morning Goes, Now It’s Me Against The Sun…

Oh man, what a crazy weekend. Where do I even begin? There’s a lot to say, so I will probably split this into a couple of sections, so that you may digest this all properly. So now, here is part one: the ballroom section. There was over 14 hours of dancing. I did 75 heatsContinue reading “Morning Comes And Morning Goes, Now It’s Me Against The Sun…”

Are You Ready For This?

The dance field trip this weekend was interesting. It was a social ballroom dance club, taking over a local studio for the night just so that people could get together and dance the night away. They had a lesson before the evening took off, free food, and a good DJ. Before getting there, I wasContinue reading “Are You Ready For This?”

Out On The Edge Of Glory

Time sure seems to be flying. I remember back when I started working on preparing for this competition, and I kept thinking “man, it’s like four months away, so there is tons of time to get everything ready!” Now here we are, with only a little more than a week to go, and there seemsContinue reading “Out On The Edge Of Glory”

Don’t Stop Me Now

At this point, I think that I have successfully gotten most of the additional routines that Lady Q and I will be doing memorized. They may not be perfect, and I may have to continue practicing the Cha-Cha and East Coast Swing routines to be sure that they are good, but I feel mostly goodContinue reading “Don’t Stop Me Now”