Silk Suit, Black Tie, I Don’t Need A Reason Why

The session that I had scheduled last Saturday to work with Lady Q again on the routines we will be doing together turned into a small group class event. It turned out that Jack and Diane had scheduled a block of time to so that Jack could work with her right after I had. SheContinue reading “Silk Suit, Black Tie, I Don’t Need A Reason Why”

The Strangest Zoo You Ever Knew

After discussing things for a while with my dance partner, we decided that it would be best to meet up with Sir Steven twice a week to start really fine-tuning our routines. There’s only a month left to go now, and while I think we can do the steps, I want to make sure weContinue reading “The Strangest Zoo You Ever Knew”

Let’s Have Some Fun, This Beat Is Sick

This week has been productive. My dance partner and I have continued working with Sir Steven to finalize our routines for September. Saturday we put together our West Coast Swing and Bolero routines and added a few more pieces to the East Coast Swing routine. With those two completed, all that’s left is to finishContinue reading “Let’s Have Some Fun, This Beat Is Sick”

It’s Very Nice, So Full Of Spice

Last night I stayed out late at the studio, working in an extra lesson in order to help finalize the rhythm routines. The usual Saturday lesson where Sparkledancer and I meet up and work with Sir Steven have really focused on getting us comfortable with the smooth-style dances. Those dances are really where I feelContinue reading “It’s Very Nice, So Full Of Spice”