Struck By A Smooth Criminal

Viennese Waltz terrifies me a bit. Wednesday night we are in class working on it – the only people to show up for this week’s group class that was taught by Sir Steven were myself and Sparkledancer, so rather than a group class, we worked on what will be our competition routine for September. Luckily, most of what we will be doing in that routine we are going to get from what was normally going to be taught in that class, so next week if others join us again, we will still go over useful stuff that we could fit into the routine at some point.

The dance is crazy though. Elegance and high-speed are not really a combination that work well together in my mind, and on top of that it Criminal1isn’t a style I have had all that much opportunity to practice. Even just switching back and forth between reverse and natural rotations, there were many points where things just got out of control, and we had to stop, breathe, and start again. Lucky for me, I didn’t hit any walls (or run my partner into any either), or trip and fall flat on my face, so that’s a good start. Unfortunately we also couldn’t make it more than two laps around the studio without getting off track and having to stop. So… that’s a work in progress. It feels really neat to be rotating and moving that fast, and I hope it looks just as good. With some luck, I will be able to master everything by the end of three months. If it’s a bit rusty, I may ask to sign up for as few heats as possible for that style.

So with that mostly being worked out, we are done with all the American Smooth routines. We finished up our Tango routine this weekend. I think I have it pretty much memorized too, with only one step at the end that I seem to keep screwing up. That will get ironed out this coming Saturday (I hope), and then all we have to do is practice them until they actually look passable. We probably won’t look like top contenders in this category, but if we make it to the passable level, it will feel like a victory to me. Sir Steven also promised that Saturday at our next lesson together we would switch over to looking at the Rhythm dances, starting with Rumba and West Coast Swing. So that gives me something to look forward to.

Before that, however, we have to get through Friday. Friday night, as I’ve mentioned, is the night that Lord Fabulous declared there would be a luau-themed dance party where everyone can invite friends and family so that they can see the magic that goes on in the Dance Kingdom. Not having any family in the area, and with most of my friends I spend time with already being citizens of the kingdom, I have made a point of inviting random people that I have met who seem interested in this sort of thing. Last Friday, I found a few more as we went out for ice cream. Just down the road from the ice cream parlor, there was this strange stage set up in front of some bar, in the median of the street. When I walked up to the window where everyone I was meeting was ordering ice cream, someone told me that there were people over at the stage, dancing on it. Curious, I abandoned the people I knew and walked down there to see what was up.

I did actually find people dancing atop the metal structure. When I asked if they were taking lessons anywhere, I found out that they were just practicing some swing dancing moves that they had been picking up from some free club in a nearby village, which included Shag and Jitterbug. Hearing that, my Dance Ambassador nature kicked in, and I asked them if they were at all interested in coming to a dance party at the Land of the Loft to see if they were interested in coming to learn with us. One girl seemed very intrigued, and pulled out her phone to put the event in her calendar so she wouldn’t forget. If she shows up, I’m going to assume the boy that she was dancing with will be coming with her, and if both of them come, then the third girl who was on the sideline will probably tag along. For not knowing many people interested in dancing in the area, I have invited some dozen people to this event. Hopefully at least one will actually make an appearance, which should make Friday night a lot of fun.

That could be you waving at me! Hello sir!
That could be you waving at me! Hello sir!

I even have a Hawaiian shirt for the event! Maybe, after the luau, when we go out to ice cream, I will be seen dancing in it atop that metal stage. If you see me there, wave hello as you go past, and I will do an awesome dance for you.

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