Another One Bites The Dust

Bites1Flexy has been banished from the Dance Kingdom.

This came as a bit of a shock to us, but in hindsight, it probably shouldn’t have. A few notes about Flexy: as I’ve said, she was Lord Fabulous’ most prized disciple that he acquired after joining the Land of the Loft, and he was quite proud of showing off her skills. She had been a gymnast in the past, so she was quite flexible, and one of his favorite things was to take her through Waltzes and have her do kicks where she would put her foot up over her head. She also adored him, and hung on his every word and followed his every command… some of the time. This gave him the kind of attention that he fed off of, so they developed this quasi-symbiotic relationship over her time studying under him.

The things that became her downfall were that she was, at her core, a spoiled teenager who got bored easily, and on top of that she always demanded that she be the center of attention. During group classes, if there wasn’t anything going on that would challenge her mentally and physically, she would let her focus drift, and often it drifted onto the person standing closest to her whom she would engage in conversation to entertain herself. This quite often became a distraction for the rest of the class. For months the Lords of our studio would put up with it. Lord Fabulous had convinced her when she started that in order to get better, she would have to attend every group class offered, and she followed that advice religiously – even continuing to attend every newcomer-level class that she had long since outgrown. Because of this, she never really had any reason to push herself to nail down her form and technique. Aside from her private lessons with Lord Fabulous and the few time during the week she would attend the higher level classes where I would see her, none of the other men in those low level classes knew what they were doing (since most were in the class for the first time, unlike her), so she grew tired of dancing with them. This caused her to develop the bad habit of never putting much effort into her dancing. Even while in the higher level classes when she would dance with me, her form was almost always really sloppy, and her technique was hit and miss, depending on how entertained she was on that particular day.

After a time, she would complain about being bored so much, that Lord Fabulous suggested that instead of complaining, she should also try studying the male part of the dances, so that she would understand what her dance partners were going through. A few months ago, during all the newcomer and Bronze I level classes that she took where Lord Fabulous was teaching, she took to only doing the male part. She wanted to do it in all the other group classes as well, but when Sir Steven was instructing, he refused to let her do that.

So, bringing this back to current events… during the last Friday night East Coast Swing class and the social dance afterward that Flexy attended, she had a bit of a meltdown. Something (that even to this day, I’m still not sure what it was) set her off, and she became all sullen and despondent. For parts of the class, she attempted to sit out on the floor, and she was moping and acting very dejected. Sir Steven tried continuing on without breaking stride in class, but she started to be obstinate toward him. When class finally finished, she rushed out into the hallway and didn’t return. Some of the other ladies who were there that night (my competition partner and Bony chiefly) went out there to try and bring her back in to have fun, and try and liven up the mood of the studio a bit, but she never took. When she started acting like this, it felt as though a dark spell had been cast over the area, making everyone within its radius feel ill at ease. She finally came back in, collected her things, bade us farewell for now, and said she was going to go get ice cream early with Bony and we could meet her there when the social dance was over. Even after her departure though, the vile magic continued to hover, and even the jokes I told to lighten the mood were met with forced laughter.

Meeting up at the ice cream parlor where we have been congregating over the last several weeks, we found Bony and Flexy on a bench, with Flexy wrapped in a blanket being miserable. We tried to cheer her up, but her complaining (and all she wanted to do was complain!) brought down the mood in this venue as well. After a while, when no one could take the sadness for much longer, the rest of us began conversing about other topics that had to do with our lives. When no longer the center of attention, Flexy fell silent.

This was going to be her last night dancing for a while anyway, since she was going in at the beginning of the next week for some kind of medical procedure, and would be required to take three weeks off to heal. From the story related to me about how this went down, it appears that because of the events that happened, and her attitude leading up to that night, the King was brought into the discussion about her behavior with the Lords and Lady of our studio. They all came to the conclusion that she would be offered an ultimatum: shape up and participate in dancing with the others who want to be there or she could opt to be let out of the remainder of her contract that she had signed with the Dance Kingdom and move on to another land.

She chose the latter.

Bites2So, with that, Flexy joins the ranks of all the other students I have met over my time in the Dance Kingdom who have passed through without making this a permanent home. There have been many who have left, but I think this is the first person I have ever heard of who was banished. Most of the others I hear about tend to drop out because either a) they didn’t realize that it was an expensive hobby when they started or b) they can’t keep up with the demands on their body that this kind of activity asks for. I don’t know if she will attempt to maintain contact with us now that she has gone on. I know that she has maintained contact with other students who have left, so it is possible we will see her in the future. Maybe she will drop by our (new) Friday night traditional ice cream outing. Maybe she will join another studio in the area and we will see her during competitions. Only time will tell. I’ll let you know if I ever find out.

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