Rotating Endlessly Might Not Look Bad

I keep thinking about the Bolero routine. Halfway through we do a shadow walk move (I have yet to nail down the actual name of it, but that’s a good description of it) which causes us to end up about two large steps down the floor from where we started. At the end of the routine, Sir Steven told us to do two rotating basic steps, so we start again facing the same direction. The problem with that became that as my partner and I practiced in a confined room, we started getting closer and closer to the opposite wall from where we started. I realized that, in taking these two large steps and never doing anything to compensate by taking large steps in the opposite direction, we were just going to keep drifting over time.

In an empty room, it wasn’t a big deal. I’ve never done Bolero in a room with more than one or two other couples on the floor (and all doing the same thing in the same direction), so I wasn’t sure if it was good to drift like that. After hemming and hawing about it for a week, we brought it up to Sir Steven at our last meeting with him. He said that we could just continue to rotate until we faced the opposite direction from where we started, and then do the routine going the opposite way, essentially keeping us confined to a rectangular space on the dance floor.

This works great, in theory. In practice, as we went over this a couple of times, I am starting to think it looks a little… weird. When we end the routine, and get to the part with

Sure to cause dizziness...
Sure to cause dizziness…

the rotating basic steps, we are already facing the direction I want to go. So to do the rotating basic steps, I have to do four 90° turns to end up facing the same way I started before moving on to the next step of the routine. It seems like a bit much to me. Having never been to a competition like this, nor watched on being performed, I’m not sure if that is weird or not. It just feels like too many of the same steps in a row before adding in variation. This weekend, when I asked that question, we did not do the changed routine in front of Sir Steven, so he has never seen it with all these rotations. I think this coming weekend I am going to have to start by showing him how it looks, and see if it is just me that feels weird doing the same thing repetitiously like that, or if others will think it looks uncouth as well.

Other than that, I am feeling pretty good about all of these routines. My dance partner was having trouble with some turns that were added into our Waltz, and was getting frustrated with them. We practiced them over and over using normal, slow songs, and she still struggled. I switched it over to a much quicker tune (Kiss From A Rose, in case you were wondering). As soon as she didn’t have time to over-think the turns and just had to follow my lead, it was beautiful. We’ll have to try it again later, a bit slowed down, but I feel pretty good about that.

Only one weekend left before the big day. Then we all will descend upon the Great Dance Hall, the seat of power for the kingdom, and compete in these great dance games for laud and honor (and perhaps, maybe even some sort of dance scholarship…). Are you ready for this? Am I ready for this? I really have no idea what to expect. There will be a celebration after the games are over, which (as you can imagine) takes the form of a dance party. It looks like it could be an exhausting, but very exciting day.

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