Competition Woes

So the realization that this next competition that we signed up to dance in is a month away now is starting to set in. I’m hoping that when we next see Sir Steven on Wednesday, we will go through and put the finishing touches on our last two routines, so that we can spendWoe1 the next month perfecting them rather than trying to memorize them. We have the five main routines already, and I suppose that we should focus on those, since that is what the competition will focus on. I don’t know where the other routines fit in. Will they just randomly choose to do one of these alternate styles and ask us to jump in? Or do you only do them if you pass a certain qualifying round?

There is a part of me that is sort of interested in looking up what a ballroom competition looks like. If I watch a video sometime, theoretically I would have an idea of what I signed myself up for. On the other hand, there’s something strangely enticing about walking into something like this blind and seeing how well you can do. I’m aiming high. I heard that top prize is a $300 scholarship for lessons, so I told my dance partner that’s what we are going to win. Reaching for the stars never hurt anyone, right? Other than that guy who overextended his shoulder, of course…

Sir Steven has a lot more faith in us, of course. Last week, when walking through the Mambo, he told us that if all we did was keep the rhythm together for the entire routine, starting on beat two like we’re supposed to, we’d do better than most of the people on the floor. Flabbergasted, I asked, “Aren’t most of the other people dancing with their instructors?” His response: “Students do what students want to do.” Things like that give me hope that we could actually do really well at something like this.

Woe2Then again, tonight I struggled through practicing our Waltz routine. It was a long weekend, and I’m exhausted, but I kept thinking that it shouldn’t have been so hard. That sort of thing is a major reality check, reminding me that we’re not professionals by any means.

It was nice getting back into the swing of things after taking the weekend off though. Next week my dance partner will be out of town for almost the entire week, so we won’t be able to practice. With the competition coming up, that puts a bit more pressure on us. Can we pull it off? We’ll see… the countdown to the Spring Fling is running down!

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