Two More Routines

This week we were finally taught the steps for our Foxtrot and Waltz routines for this upcoming competition next month.  If we can memorize these two, that means we almost have everything blocked out, so we can start refining these routines before performance day. I find it hard to believe that Sir Steven can really keep all these routines straight, since he always seems to be able to teach us our routines without looking at any notes, but he also manages to do that for all his other students that we have talked to who are participating in this contest. How does he remember so many of these? He must have had a Rolodex installed in his brain when he was young, where he writes out all of these routines in his spare time.

The thing that worries me the most about doing the smooth-style dances like that is the other people on the dance floor. I have the same worry when we are just messing around, dancing during the Friday night shindigs. Where do you gain enough experience to be able to Waltz around a room, especially one with a large number of couples in it, without running into anyone? I always have to plot out five or six moves in advanced so that I can dance without boring whomever I am dancing with, but then I have to alter it so often when people happen to be in front of me and aren’t doing things I expect them to. This has become even more problematic as the number of people attending the Friday night dances has greatly increased.

So what happens when that same sort of thing happens during a competition? I tried to ask Sir Steven about that, because it is a real concern of mine, but I kind of got laughed at. I Routine2guess I should have expected that, since these are not problems that Lords and Ladies in the Dance Kingdom have. When I watch the instructors dancing the traveling ballroom dances, they never seem to get caught by anyone. They always seem to have a plan to avoid getting caught in a corner by the other inexperienced couples. It is a skill I am jealous of.

As you can guess, this is why I prefer rhythm dances. They give me the ability to contain myself in a circle on the floor without worrying about running into anyone.

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