The Nobility, Part I

Our own quest to learn to dance is based out of the Land of the Loft, which is the closest studio to where we live. It has much better lighting than the usual dungeon that people quest in, which makes for a more pleasant learning environment. The studio is the home of three of the nobles, the ones I promised I would tell you about yesterday. These individuals are: Lord Fabulous, the man in charge; Sir Steven as his head instructor; and Lady Q as the female lead.

Lord Fabulous is the most recent addition to our troupe. He originally hails from the Great Dance Hall by the Lake, and still goes back there every-other week to maintain a relationship with some of the subjects he formerly worked with. Some time back he became ruler of our area, through some kind of dealings that involved either promotion or monetary exchange with the King, I’m not quite sure which. Now he rules over the roost with a glittery fist, welcoming almost all the new students, encouraging people to participate in the events or the kingdom, as well as taking on his own set of people to teach throughout the day. Currently, he is often seen in the company of his prize pupil Flexy, whom he uses as a demonstration prop and a gossip buddy. I often wondered how Flexy knew so much about the other students, until she confessed one day that Lord Fabulous told her everything.

LordFabulousThere is an air of mystery that surrounds this young lord. Rumors fly about, speaking tales of how he once danced professionally for Celine Dion, or he owns a few nightclubs in greater Charlotte, or he was 40 years old (we found out later that he is actually younger than we are). Whatever the truth may be about this elusive figure, I don’t think I’ll ever know.

The second instructor whom we met after joining the studio was the harsh Mistress. Hailing from the northern lands overseas, she was very intent on teaching perfection for every move. So much so that her dance style was technical and functional, but sometimes… not beautiful. She did not stay long, and was replaced by Lady Q.

LadyQThis girl is what most boys dream about when they want to start dancing: tiny, flexible, sweet, good looking, and talented. She also has this almost magical ability to make everyone feel like they are doing awesome at everything they do with her. As expected with that kind of power, Lady Q is the one who taught all the fitness classes that were offered at the studio. That is, until Lord Fabulous arrived. He now takes on some of those classes for her, since he taught them while at the Great Dance Hall by the Lake. One other noteworthy thing that Lady Q told everyone during a class once was that she hasn’t really had feeling in her big toes for years, due to wearing the high-heeled shoes for dancing all the time.

But the first instructor that we met when we decided to start this journey was Sir Steven. Sir Steven, as I see it, is really the embodiment of dance. This man is younger than us, we have calculated, but seems to have this old soul – preferring a more classical style of music more like rock opera to the popular new tunes that are played by Lord Fabulous and Lady Q. He seems to know so much about dancing and dance technique, and though he is Caucasian, his hips can wield this Latin rhythm in a style that would make Ricky Martin do a double take. Sir Steven was the lord of the Land of the Loft before Lord Fabulous came into the picture. He is also our personal instructor, so I’m sure he will come up a lot.


So those are the three nobles that we know the best, the three that will probably come up the most. There are a few other notable nobles in the land, people we have seen at the great gatherings that are hosted in the kingdom or have heard about while talking with our nobles. I will tell you about a few of them next time.

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