The Royalty

When one thinks about a kingdom, probably the first thing that people associate with it would be a monarchy. Well, lucky for you the Dance Kingdom has one. The ruler is a King, who watches over his realm from a position of strength and financial fortitude. He is well versed in the various business acumen that is required of a successful leader, allowing him to keep the lands safe and strong without taxing the constituents into hardship. It has also been shown that he is not afraid to get his hands dirty, lovingly building the wooden floors that these dance halls require, and painting rich colors onto the walls. You might think of these halls like the grand halls of a castle, but they have more windows for natural lighting, and there are no tapestries hanging on the walls to keep them warm (you can also thank modern heating and cooling for that).

There was an event that we attended hosted at the Great Dance Hall by the Lake. During the event, the people lauded the King. It seems he had put in many an overnight stay at the hall, doing the remodeling and updating that the hall needed. The Princess made sure to point out to all the subjects that he had done all the woodworking by hand, so that they might appropriately gaze upon it in awe and wonder. While he is quite capable of dancing the night away like all the nobility in the kingdom, the King can often be seen at parties standing off to the side, watching over his subjects and maintaining peace and stability.


The Dance Kingdom, much like the Mushroom Kingdom or the Candy Kingdom, has a Princess. I believe that of all things, she is the primary reason that the Dance Kingdom even exists. She is wife of the King, which one would think would elevate her to a queen, but she prefers to be known as the Princess. Obviously she is a professional dancer by trade; having won awards and esteems, and is well known in the community for various outreach programs. She is easy to spot at all the dance events I have attended, wearing quite dramatic dresses that set her apart from the others on the dance floor, and using her vast training to show off those outfits as only a professional dancer would be able.

As royalty though, the Princess is far from intimidating. I have seen her mingle casually with the crowds of people who are a part of her kingdom, and stop to dance with newcomers whom I know at the time hadn’t taken more than a handful of lessons. She is approachable and energetic, often clapping the loudest in celebration of her subjects’ performance. Truly a Princess loved by all who meet her.


Assisting the King and Princess in ruling the kingdom is their hand-picked nobility. They are the instructors, who spend their days toiling with the subjects, training them in the mystic arts of ballroom dancing for any occasion. Often the first people that new immigrants to the land meet, the lords, ladies and knights of the kingdom embody the skills that they impart to others, barely even taking time out during the day to do menial tasks like eating. I’ve met several of the noble class, and there are a few you will need to know about so that things make sense. We’ll go over three of them tomorrow…

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