Adventures In The Dance Kingdom

So… somehow, in my 29th year of life I stumbled into the crazy world that is ballroom dancing. Since then, I became a member of a studio near where I live in the realm of Charlotte, NC, and started working on learning to compete in this sport with the help of a friend I made at the studio, whom I will refer to as Sparkledancer. The world of ballroom dancing is a strange place, and our studio and its related sister studios have a fascinating dynamic that includes royalty, feudal lords and ladies, mystic dance sages, elegant events, and wily jesters. After telling stories about what I’ve been doing to people (who always seem fascinated by this world of dance), I have decided to chronicle the tales of my adventures in dancing. It will give me a chance to look back on them later and laugh.

I’m hoping to update this once a week, but over the next few days I will have to write up the basics and introduce the characters that live in this world, otherwise future stories won’t make any sense. Everything I will be writing here will be entirely, 100%, totally true… as far as I know. There is a lot of mystery in the world of ballroom dancing in the Dance Kingdom, but I have committed to exploring this world, joining as an outsider and being accepted into the fold, meeting its people, and then introducing them to the wide world of the Internet for all to learn about.

Here we go…

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